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From undercat to market leader

“Things are going well for Mjau, and the last two years we have gone from an unprofitable company to a profitable one. SDG is a big part of this. They have created a strong foundation to work with our brand.”

Anna Lindblad, Brand Manager Mjau


Mjau, a domestic cat food brand on the Swedish market, came to us with a deteriorated brand and an outdated offer. When we started working together they were on the verge of disappearing from the pet food shelf altogether. The pet food departments are subject to fierce competition and big international brands with large assortments and big marketing budgets were more eye-catching than Mjau. The competitors also catered to the increasing consumer demand of functional benefits, but Mjau lacked the production possibilities of competing in that arena.

Mjau needed help with clarifying their offer and finding new ways to compete, without having to change their products too much.


Through extensive research and in close collaboration with the client, we helped find, re-establish and clarify the values that make Mjau the original Swedish cat food brand. Instead of competing with the multinational brands, we found a new opportunity in the market; a parallel trend in the humanization of cat food, meaning that the request for local and natural food also applied to pet food. This was actually something Mjau could stand for. 

Based on these insights we created a brand platform, design concept and packaging clarifying the position that no competitor could take: Mjau as the local, Swedish cat food brand with only natural ingredients. It was not only an available position, it also catered to a target group willing to pay more for quality.

The change was a major turnaround for Mjau, which is now enjoying increased sales (despite a higher price) and much stronger brand value. And most importantly: the change brought Mjau from the least wanted brand to market leader in just three years.


Mjau is now the leading cat food brand in Sweden, beating multinational players, increasing their shelf space in stores across the country, filling the food bowls and bellies of cats of all kinds and ages. As a part of their new brand journey they have also been able to widen their product offer by launching” Mjau Noga Utvalt”, as well as creating effective communication in line with the updated brand. This has led to a strong increase in brand impact and now 80% of those who know about Mjau are willing to buy it.