Stockholms Bränneri

The Crafted Gin


The gin shelf is growing quickly, representing both small scale manufacturers and large liquor companies. As a result, the design in this shelf was already diverse, making it hard for newcomers to stand out. The challenge was to look past existing liquor design and instead focus on conveying the local, small scale and quality values that were (and still are) so important for the Stockholms Bränneri success.


The crafted gin, flavored with natural herbs and spices, was our main source of inspiration when we set to visualize the qualities of this dynamic startup. The dark bottle, cork cap, Scandinavian simplicity and hand-written label together forms a perfect balance for a modern yet timeless gin packaging. The identity is furthermore supported through the pharmacy inspired bottle, with its dark brown color keeping the flavor fresh and distinct for a long time.


Stockholms Bränneri instantly caught the attention of Stockholmers and gin lovers alike, quickly spreading through the gin community, reaching the masses. The small batches sold out instantly and the bottle has become a symbol for high quality gin as well as a nice interior element in the homes of many Swedes.