Tobin Properties

A warm welcome


The market for new production in the larger Stockholm area was massive at the time, making it hard for projects to stand out and attract new customers. This project didn’t only need to include place branding but also a visual concept to stand out.   

The mission was to define the offer and create a concept for the building in order to differentiate it from other similar projects, as well as to put the geographic place on the map and create added value, premium pricing and boost the sales process. 


Similar projects often had a strong Nordic focus, conveying bright colours and simplistic design. Since everyone was doing the same thing, we saw an opportunity to do it completely different, attracting a target group no one yet catered to.

We created a playful identity, still keeping it in line with the lifestyle and requirements of the desired buyers. While supporting the house’s architecture, we added even more colour and graphics in order to truly showcase the values of the house. To further convey the warm and vibrant feeling, we named the project Rio Sundbyberg. The inspiration came from 50's cafés, cinemas and restaurants such as Pelikan, Boulevard and Flamingo while also giving a hint of the warmer latitudes inspiring the concept. 

The identity was reinforced with a geometric pattern and visual elements used in different communication assets, giving a strong impact and recognition. Together the visual elements were also combined into a pattern that was applied on top of images, used in graphic materials and even as an art element in the building. 


We delivered strategy, name, concept, identity and assets such as sales material, a website, ads, and banners for Rio Sundbyberg. In order to truly put Rio on the map we even did the place branding for the adjacent square, Lilla Torg, a natural meeting point for the inhabitans of Rio and their neighbours. 

When sales started we got proof that Rio actually managed to stand out and attract aspiring buyers, helping Tobin Properties to reach their initial sales goals.